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lash life boujee bond
lash life boujee bond

Lash Life Boujee Bond

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Indulge in the epitome of luxury with Boujee Bond, the ultimate lash bonder. This premium formula enhances your lashes, delivering an impeccable hold for an extended period. Crafted with precision & using only the finest ingredients, Boujee Bond ensures effortless application & stunning results. Say goodbye to worries about lash extensions falling off or losing their lustre. Elevate your lashes to opulent levels with Boujee Bond.


🖤 Premium Formula

🖤 Impeccable Hold

🖤 Effortless Application

🖤 Stunning Results



- 5ml

- Colour: black

- Low odour

- Curing time: 1-2 seconds

- Waterproof & oil proof

- Ideal humidity: medium 40%-70%

- Temperature levels: 15-25 degrees (do not store below 10 degrees)

- Shelf life once opened: 4-5 weeks

- Shelf life unopened: 4-5 months


How to use:

- Take lid off bottle & put your finger over nozzle, then shake the glue for 30 seconds

- Drop 3 or 4 drops of glue into glue ring

- Wipe with lint free pads before putting cap back on

- Store in upright position 

- For professional use only