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lash nap satin eye mask
lash nap satin eye mask

Lash Nap Satin Eye Mask

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Experience dreamy levels of comfort with our Lash Nap Satin Eye Mask. Designed to protect the eye area & prevent eyelash extensions from being crushed whilst wearing. Whether you opt for long periods of deep sleep or quick power naps, these masks provide complete darkness & a gentle fit. Rest peacefully whilst your lashes remain undisturbed. The mask is a gorgeous pink colour, giving the feel of feminine self-care. Perfect for use when travelling, sleeping, resting & when you just need a little time to yourself.


😴 Dreamy Levels Of Comfort

😴 Protect The Eye Area

😴 Prevent Lash Damage

😴 Provide Total Darkness 

😴 Gentle Fit

😴 Lashes Remain Undisturbed

😴 Self Care & Aesthetically Pleasing